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May 29 - June 1, 2019

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Workshop Overview


The first of our RCN's three workshops focused on assessing the critical aspects of fluid transport that should be included in the future integrative community modeling framework for subduction zones. We brought together a diverse selection of modelers and earthquake and volcano scientists to synthesize existing modeling efforts and identify the disconnects and knowledge gaps between fluid migration models of various spatial and temporal scales. This workshop was designed to facilitate discussions on and collaborations toward developing the modeling framework on fluid migration, but was not designed to develop modeling codes. 

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Sessions and Keynote Speakers

1. Models for fluid migration in the subducting material and along/across the subduction interface

1.1. Fluids in megathrust fault zones – Taras Gerya

1.2. Fluid pathways in the slab crust and the role of the subduction interface – Rachel Lauer

1.3. Fluid pathways in the slab and the mantle wedge – Johannes Vrijmoed

2. Crust/lithosphere-scale models for magma transport

2.1. Spatial distribution of volcanoes – Richard Katz

2.2. Dynamics of volcanic plumbing systems – Janine Kavanagh

2.3. Patterns of crustal magma transport – Tobias Keller

3. Models for microscopic and short-time-scale mechanisms

3.1. Rock deformation and hydraulic fracturing – Pengcheng Fu

3.2. Micromechanics of rock deformation and macroscopic fluid transport – Viktoriya Yarushina 

4. Integrating/Bridging processes and models across scales

4.1. Fluid interactions – Eric Sonnenthal

4.2. Advancement through multi-scale modeling – Diane Arcay

4.3. Numerical challenges – Cian Wilson

  • Identify the key processes at different temporal and spatial scales that are critical to fluid migration.

  • Identify the disconnects among models of different scales and/or mechanisms and the knowledge gaps among modelers.

  • Synthesize and direct existing efforts towards building a framework for fluid migration modeling for earthquake and volcano systems.

  • Build a community plan for an integrative fluid migration modeling framework for earthquake and volcano systems.


Ikuko Wada (Univ. of Minnesota) and

Leif Karlstrom (Univ. of Oregon)

Session Chairs

Matt Haney (USGS), Luca Caricchi (Univ. of Geneva), Patrick Fulton (Cornell Univ.), Jessica Warren (Univ. of Delaware), Laurent Montesi (Univ. of Maryland), Adam Simon (Univ. of Michigan), Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni (UCLA), and Anne Trehu (Oregon State Univ.)

ECS Chairs

Kayla Iacovino (NASA) and

Tianhaozhe Sun (Penn State)

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