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Past Webinars

January 2021 - The Role of Computational Geoscience in the Predictive Assessment of Plate Boundary Systems and Hazards

Computational geoscience plays a fundamental role in understanding the multi-physics, multi-scale problems inherent in plate boundary systems. There are a range of challenges involved, from uncertainties about the fundamental governing relationships to the implementation of solution strategies on supercomputers. MCS-RCN, CIG, and CSDMS teamed up for this January 2021 webinar series, highlighting a group of outstanding speakers. They discussed two worked examples that illustrate some of the pathways of how high-performance computing can be used to make headway on challenging problems in solid Earth geoscience. 

Series A - Day 1: James Dieterich & Kayla Kroll

Series A - Day 2: Josh White & Kayla Kroll

Series A - Day 3: Josh White, Kayla Kroll, & James Dieterich

Series B - Day 1: Nicole Gasparini & Greg Tucker

Series B - Day 2: Susanne Buiter

Series B - Day 3: Katy Barnhart

Fall 2020 - Volcanic Eruption Plumes Series

Sep 15, 2020: Joe Dufek & Antonio Costa

Sep 17, 2020: Costanza Bonadonna & Larry Mastin

Spring 2020 - Interdisciplinary Collaborations Series

Apr 7, 2020: Phaedra Upton & Greg Tucker

Mar 31, 2020: Erin Wirth & Alex Grant

Mar 4, 2020: Andy Freed & Greg Hirth

Jan 21, 2020: Lapo Boschi & Thorsten Becker

Spring 2021 - Volcano Dynamics series

See the Volcano Workshop page

for more information on this series

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