Volcanic Eruption Plumes


The Volcanic Systems Webinar series for the Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction highlights new research into eruption source parameters used to model volcanic eruptions. Our first two webinars focus on models of eruption and dispersion of tephra, with four presentations by leading scientists followed by discussions about the science and opportunities for a modeling collaboratory.

Tue, 9/15/20

11:30a-1:00p EDT

Joe Dufek: Fluid Dynamics of Volcanic Plumes

Antonio Costa: Overview of Various Approaches of Volcanic Plume Modeling


followed by an open discussion

Joe Dufek is a Professor of Volcanology at the University of Oregon who investigates dynamics of turbulent multiphase flows, and in particular the dynamics of explosive volcanic eruptions. Antonio Costa is the Director of INGV in Bologna and an expert on the fluid dynamics of volcanic plumes.

Thu, 9/17/20

11:30a-1:00p EDT

Costanza Bonadonna: Determination of Eruption Source Parameters for Modeling of Volcanic Ash Transport and Deposition

Larry Mastin: Operational Aspects of Ash Dispersal Modeling

followed by an open discussion

Costanza Bonadonna is Professor of Geological Risk at the University of Geneva specializing in plume dispersal and tephra sedimentation and deposits. Larry Mastin is a Volcano Scientist at the USGS and modeler of the 4D behavior of explosive volcanic plumes from conduit to sedimentation.

Past Webinars

Fall 2020 - Volcanic Eruption Plumes Series

Sep 15, 2020: Joe Dufek & Antonio Costa

Sep 17, 2020: Costanza Bonadonna & Larry Mastin

Spring 2020 - Interdisciplinary Collaborations Series

Apr 7, 2020: Phaedra Upton & Greg Tucker

Mar 31, 2020: Erin Wirth & Alex Grant

Mar 4, 2020: Andy Freed & Greg Hirth

Jan 21, 2020: Lapo Boschi & Thorsten Becker

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