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Computational Solid Earth Science Initiative Coordination Meeting

Meeting Logistics


SEEC Building, University of Colorado, Boulder, 4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO


In-person, remote supported (zoom links below, different for day 1 and 2)

Main meeting room: S228

Breakout room: N224


June 28 (full day) - 29 (half day), 2022


Day 1 – June 28, 2022

(all times in MDT, GMT-6)


Introduction to community efforts

9:00a Welcome / What is SZ4D?  (Mark Behn)


SZ4D Working Group Science Goals

9:10a Magmatic Drivers of Eruptions (Matt Haney (remote))

9:20a Landscapes & Seascapes (Sean Gallen)

9:30a Faulting & Earthquake Cycles (Roland Burgmann)

9:40a Building Equity & Capacity in the Geosciences (Mike Brudzinski (remote))

9:50a Questions / General Discussion of SZ4D


10:00a CIG Overview (Lorraine Hwang)

10:15a CSDMS Overview (Greg Tucker)

10:30a VICTOR Overview (Einat Lev)


11:30a Coffee Break


MCS software development goals

11:35a MCS Overview (Thorsten Becker)

12:30a Breakout Session 1: Groups focused on FEC, L&S, MDE science questions, and modeling goals


Group discussion on software development goals

1:30p Reports from Breakout 1 and discussion


Perspectives on best practices for science and community engagement in collaborative code development

2:40p Mantle and Lithospheric cross-scale modeling and ASPECT (Juliane Dannberg)

2:55p Surface process and tectonics modeling and Landlab (Katy Barnhart)

3:15p Discussion

  • Collaboration in code development 

  • How to incorporate community feedback and define coding objectives

  • How to balance coding and science, community engagement, and PI career objectives


3:55p Coffee Break


Design and management structures within centers

4:00p Breakout 2: Groups focused on successes, lessons learned, and identified gaps

  • Opportunities for coordination and collaboration between centers

  • Code development and capacity building

6:30p Dinner


Day 2 – June 29, 2022

9:00a Reports from Breakout 2 and general discussion


MCS Implementation

9:30a Draft implementation plan for MCS discussion (Eric)

  • Organizational structure of the MCS and integration with SZ4D

  • Synergies and co-design with CIG, CSDMS, VICTOR, and other community activities (Critical Zone, …)

  • Science and community goals for the MCS

  • MCS capacity-building activities

    • Integration and coordination with BAJEDI goals of BECG


9:45a Breakout 3: Phase 1 goals for MCS.  What exactly would go into an initial MCS-centric proposal? 

10:45a Coffee Break


11:00a Reports from Breakout 3 and final discussion


12:00p End

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