MCS RCN Workshop Reports

Final reports from MCS meetings and workshops.

Kickoff Meeting - Washington, DC

Our RCN's kickoff meeting took place in December 2018 and featured presentations from steering committee members, federal agencies, and community partners. Read the meeting report here.

Fluid Transport Modeling Workshop - Minneapolis

The workshop report from the RCN's first major workshop. The report includes open questions for the fluid and magma community and recommendations for the future MCS.

Megathrust Modeling Workshop - Eugene, OR

The report from the MCS RCN's second major workshop. The report includes open questions within the megathrust modeling community and recommendations for the future MCS.

Other MCS-RCN documents
Related efforts and documents

The Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction RCN is just one of many current research efforts that aims to better understand subduction zone processes. Below are some other major efforts and publications.

SZ4D Initiative

Understanding the processes that underly subduction zone hazard in 4D. The vision document from the SZ4D Initiative (formerly SZO).

CTSP Whitepaper

CTSP: Coupling of Tectonic and Surface Processes—Whitepaper Reporting Outcomes from NSF-Sponsored Workshop.

Reducing Risk_cover.png

Reducing Risk Where Tectonic Plates Collide—A Plan to Advance Subduction Zone Science.

National Academy Volcano report.jpg
National Academy of Sciences

Volcanic Eruptions and Their Repose, Unrest, Precursors, and Timing. A consensus study report.


The Community Network for Volcanic Eruption Response (CONVERSE) is a sister RCN whose aim is to better monitor volcanoes in the time before an eruption.