MCS RCN and Surface Processes

Surface processes play a fundamental role in subduction zone systems, and landscape evolution and sediment transport affect both volcanic eruption dynamics and megathrust stress state. As such, aspects of landscape evolution dynamics are explored in the MCS Megathrust, Fluids, and Volcano Workshops and our Webinar Series but the MCS did originally not plan for a dedicated surface-processes and tectonics workshop because a comprehensive and recent report is available thanks to the CTSP Workshop listed below. We had originally planned a joint workshop with the Landscape and Seascape group of SZ4D but Covid intervened. We consider the recommendations of the CTSP report highly relevant for MCS and SZ4D efforts.


A whitepaper reporting outcomes from an NSF-sponsored

workshop in Boulder in 2018, bringing together CIG and CSDMS communities to explore how progress can be made in the coupled modeling of lithospheric dynamics and surface processes.